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Sevim Eftal

In the summer of 2021, I worked at Weeklub for a volunteering project for 45 days. I gave private English lessons on speaking with the curriculum prepared for me by the school. These 6 weeks gave me the opportunity to both improve my own English and practice speaking. In the meantime, I broke down the teacher-student wall thanks to the sincere and friendly atmosphere of the school, and I had friendships that continue even now. It is truly an unique opportunity to discover a new culture and invite new people on your journey.

The Mexican people and the school’s environment provided this perfectly for me. I spent a lot of time at school during this term and chatted a lot with Polette, who was also my wonderful host and boss. It really makes you feel safe to have a person who is open to different cultures, friendly, adventurous, curious and very communicative, practical, and skilled in problem solving.

Unfortunately I don’t know Spanish and I came alone so I had my fears but it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. Everyone was open to listen to me and talk about my problems. In this way, I really felt comfortable and I was able to give myself to the lessons, and I had the opportunity to explore Mexico comfortably.

I think Texcoco can also be a good location if you want to explore Mexico. For example, there is direct transportation to Mexico City. When I saw this city, which is one of the biggest cities in the world, I was really impressed. You can also get to know the food culture here. I will forever miss the seafood tacos.

I hope one day I will go to Mexico again. I left the most memorable experiences and best moments of my life there.


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