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Edith Liao

A place I will always want to come back to.

I had always wanted to go to Mexico, not only attracted by its cultural, but also I could practice more of my Spanish. Turned out both of my Spanish and spoken English boosted like skyrockets !

At weeklub, I taught basic and intermediate English to locals who had needs to learn. They all had different profiles! Some of them were government officers, some of them were from UNAM, the university in cdmx, some of them wanted to pass the job interview of their U.S. company. Not only did I successfully taught them English in some extent, but also I lived a colorful life with them!  At weeklub, at Texcoco, I made so many diverse friends, tried so many things I was too fear to try , and the people there were just so wonderful! They were nice and warm, always took care of me. I remember sitting in the couch, listening to my friend ( he was as well an English teacher like me but he was Colombian) playing guitar and out director at the time were singing along. I remember we laughed together, ate tacos together and share different views  about life based on our experiences together. In that 6 weeks I understood much more of myself. For me it was not just an ordinary experience as an English teacher, but an exotic one and definitely an self-reflecting one.

And thank all the teachers I met, how they took care of me, how they designed their classes thoroughly and in details and how they made friends with us, with their studentS, with everyone. It all just made my experience unforgettable.

I loved the city, loved how people greeted me with big embraces and kisses. I would definitely go back, hope they still want me as a teacher! If not , I would definitely sign up as a Spanish student, as I heard they are expanding this project soon.

Suzhou, China

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